Shared solutions to protect shared values

Fish, wildlife, and plants provide jobs, food, clean water, storm protection, health benefits and many other important ecosystem services that support people, communities and economies across the nation. Action is needed now to help safeguard these valuable natural resources for the American people and communities that depend on those resources in a changing climate.

Our Vision:

Ecological systems will sustain healthy, diverse, and abundant populations of fish, wildlife, and plants. These systems will provide valuable cultural, economic, and environmental benefits in a world impacted by global climate change

Our Strategy, a Call to Action:

The National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy is a Call to Action for Solutions to address the impacts of a changing climate on the fish, wildlife, and plant resources of the United States. The following video summarizes our vision and strategy.

The National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy is a unified nationwide effort—reflecting shared principles and science-based practices—for addressing the threats of a changing climate on fish, wildlife, plants, and the natural systems upon which they depend.